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A peek inside a Christmas card

The other day the little red-haired girl wrote a Christmas card to her Grandma in Canada.

Here’s what she put inside:

christmas-cards-rupert-friendsDear Grandma:

Merry Christmas!

I hope you will have a nice Christmas.

The horse I am taking care of is called Nuncius.

I’m riding in a tournament this weekend.

He’s really fast.

School’s fine and we’ve already taken most of the tests. I’m really looking forward to the Christmas holidays.

Oma is coming next weekend and we will have a Canadian Christmas this year. ***

Last Friday me and my class went to a play. It was called “Momo.”

It was a bit boring and someone stuck a chewing gum on my seat and it stuck to my clothes. That was pretty disgusting!

I hope you will have a nice time with Gordon.


PS: It really snowed a few weeks ago!


***Because I have to work on Christmas Eve, we’ll do it the Canadian way this year and open presents Christmas morning.🙂


Anyone recognise the Rupert Bear Christmas cards? Picked them up at a lovely little shop in Hamburg’s Ottensen neighbourhood half-way out the door after buying a bunch of Christmas crackers. I’d already resisted the bottles of scotch, the jars of Seville Orange marmelade, the packages of Pure Butter cookies, but I couldn’t leave without Rupert. I used to get a Daily Express Annual every year for Christmas.

If you’re anywhere near the Altona train station, you can find this gem of a store less than 10 minutes walk away at Eulenstrasse 49. They also take orders online for postal delivery at

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